Water Damage Repair And Water Damage Hazrads To Watch Out For

Water damage can happen in several different ways.  It can be caused by natural causes such as river and rain flooding, or it can happen within the home.  Some of the most common interior flooding is caused by burst pipes or sewage back up.  Although the latter two items may not sound as dangerous or as bad as the natural causes, they are actually far more dangerous.

Why is interior flooding so much more dangerous than natural flooding?  The reason is that there are many water damage repair hazards present when interior flooding happens.  If you have sewage back up for example your floors, baseboards, and walls are being exposed to the things that you flush down your toilet on a daily basis.  If you have a sewage back up from city lines, you are not only getting all of you fecal matter in your home, but the neighbor’s stuff is coming in as well.  There are several hazards with sewage such as E-coli, hepatitis, airborne illnesses, and diarrhea conditions just to name a few.  Our biggest suggestion when dealing with sewage back up is to make sure you wear rubber waders, rubber gloves, a mask, and safety goggles to prevent the sewage liquid from being in contact with your skin.

When a pipe bursts there are also hazards.  Most people have corrosive chemical cleaners in their basements like Ajax, Clorox, and other cleaners to name a few.  When a pipe bursts, a large amount of water can quickly rush out and flood a basement in a manner of minutes.  All this water can mix with these harmful cleaners.  Once again it is extremely important to be well protected so that your contact with these chemicals is reduced so that you can be safe.

If you are dealing with water damage repair of any type even for a vehicle, you have a different set of concerns to be aware of. For one, you must be extremely careful of exposed metal surfaces that are probably very sharp or jagged and may be rusty as well. While these hazards are always present in a vehicle, they are more dangerous if they have been covered in flood water and are covered with bacteria.

Another hazard which is more dangerous than the previous things mentioned is that of mold.  Mold is dangerous because most  of the time you can’t see it forming.  The problem is that many people replace walls and lay carpet again without doing mold prevention.  Mold can kill people as the spores can attach to your lungs and cause organ failure and eventually kill you.  Regardless of what type of flooding you have, mold prevention is an absolute necessity.  By dong the proper mold reduction using mold killing agents, you can rest assured that your home as not turned into a mold infested living area.

As you can see there are many hazards when flooding occurs.  By being aware of the different hazards you must take into account when dealing with water damage repair, you can make sure that you and your family remain safe.