Walk-In Tubs Best For Seniors

Walk-in tubs are generally used for the same purpose as a traditional bathtub; however, they are designed to maximize safety and provide therapeutic benefits to individuals with mobility challenges. A walk-in tub is ideal for seniors who have mobility issues, balance problems, or who are in a wheelchair or struggling with their weight. A walk-in tub is much easier to get into and out of than a standard tub, and much safer too thanks to the built-in safety features such as non-slip surfaces and handrails

They allow the owner to maintain an independent lifestyle and bathe without the assistance of another person. But what is the best walk in tub for your particular needs? If you’re considering buying a walk-in tub, you need to know your options.

Most walk-in bathtub companies have a wide selection of sizes and models to accommodate almost any installation application. From compact tubs to larger bariatric tubs, to wheelchair/handicap accessible models, providers make every effort to offer custom tubs based upon the user’s specific needs.

Tubs can range from 26 inches wide to 35 inches wide. They also come as short as 35 inches and as long as 60 inches. Specialty manufactures even provide taller walk in tubs up to 47 inches tall, compared to more standard models that are usually 38-40 inches high. Because every bathroom space is structured differently and the size of each bather varies dramatically, finding a company that offers a variety of models is essential. You can compare safe walk in tub prices by clicking the link as its a trusted resource we have used before.

What Safety Features Are Important In a Walk-In Tub?

A good walk-in tub should have the following safety features, so be sure to check for them.

  • Anti-scald systems – anti-scald shower heads regulate the temperature of the water coming out of the shower head or faucet, even if someone turns a tap on or switches on a water-using appliance elsewhere in the house. This is vital to protect delicate elderly skin from burns.
  • Anti-slip surfaces – slips and falls are a risk for elderly people. Walk-in tubs should come with anti-slip floors and seats as standards, to help reduce the risk of a fall.
  • Quick drain system – look for a quick-release drain feature that lets the bath user, or a caregiver or EMT, hit a button and drain the bath rapidly to prevent accidental immersion. Quick drain systems also make waiting for the bath to drain more comfortable, as users don’t have to sit for a long time before opening the door to leave.
  • Safety bars – many elderly people are a little unsteady, especially when entering or exiting a tub, or moving from a sitting to standing position. Check for ample safety bars for users to grab.