We Review Buying a Home Stair Lift – What Are The Types And Costs

Buying A Home Stair Lift

Buying an electric stair lift can greatly increase your quality of life by returning your freedom and independence. Stair lifts can be modified to suit your individual needs, so it doesn’t matter what your particular requirements are, there will be one to suit you. The representative from the stairlift company who visits your home can advise on what type of design would be best suited for your home.

Primarily there are two main types of stair lift.

Straight stair lifts are designed for staircases that do not have any bends. They operate in a straight line, travelling up and down the stairs. If your staircase has corners or curves, a curved stair lift will be required to negotiate the bends.

Your individual mobility needs will be taken into account by the stair lift company representative. Seated stair lifts are more common in design as it is safer to sit down when using a stair chair lift than to be standing. If you have problems bending your knees or moving from a standing to sitting position, you can get a stand on stairlift installed.  However, these usually can only be installed onto a straight staircase and often have a lower maximum weight limit.

Some public buildings have specialised wheelchair stair lifts that are fitted with platforms for the wheelchair to ride onto, but these require a lot of space and are usually too wide to be fitted in a normal residential home.

When using a stairlift, it is vital that you are comfortable and feel safe.  Adaptations can be fitted to your stair chair to make your life a little easier.

Special stair lift features can include:

1. A joystick control rather than button controls.  This is very helpful if you suffer from arthritis in your fingers.

2. A seat belt.  If you suffer from dizzy spells or involuntary convulsions, a seat belt will help to hold you firmly in the stair lift whilst traveling up or down the stairs.  This will help to avoid any injury that may occur if you fell out of the chair.

Before choosing a stair lift, it is beneficial to get expert advice from a reputable stairlift company.  You need to look for a company who provides excellent customer service and whose products meet the stringent government safety standards.  Look for a company that provides exceptional after sales care.  It is no good getting a cheap stair lift only to have it break down and not be able to get anyone to fix it.

Try and get an extended warranty on the stairlift as this will give you peace of mind as you know the company will repair the stairlift if it does happen to malfunction.

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