What Is A Motion Sensor Alarm And Do You Need One?

Criminality have been going up in every country. In the United States, in every 16 seconds, a house is being robbed. There’s no easier and quicker solution for this as a Alarm Motion Sensor. There are various models with very specific usages. This type of alarm system is very common nowadays, given its potential and affordable price.

The concept is simple, when the alarm goes off, the sound will disturb the thieves, giving you enough time to call the police or act appropriately. Also it will wake up the nearby neighbors, encouraging the thieves to leave the scene.

A motion sensor alarm is a type of burglar alarm, very commonly used nowadays. It is meant to serve as an analytical tool to browse a specific area of your house.

A motion sensor analyzes a pattern, and when it senses irregularity, such disturbances can be interpreted as an intruder in that specific area. Usually they are light sensors, radar sensors or use sound waves.

Usually motion sensor alarms are installed in main areas of the house, where the intruder/robber would have to pass through to get in, namely doors, big windows, hallways, radiators, stairs, etc.

All in all, a motion sensor alarm is only useful when there’s output to this disturbance. In most cases this means the alarm will go off, waking all your neighbors, in other more advanced systems, besides the alarm, the system will output an emergency situation to your local police department.

This feature is obviously useful since nowadays, alarm sounds are so common everywhere we go, people usually just ignore them, thinking it’s a false alarm.

No one can argue that with a motion sensor alarm system setup, you are must less likely to get robbed. In fact, homes with burglar alarm systems installed are three times less likely to be robbed than homes without an alarm system.

Some people would argue that a dog is enough, but is it? A dog works great as a pet, but not all pets work great as an alarm system.

Actually nowadays motion sensor alarm systems are so advanced, there are systems that can actually recognize animals, thus you can still own a dog or a cat and have a fully functional system in your house.

Ask your local home improvement or security store expert for more information regarding these motion sensor alarm systems. Nowadays they can be bought for 40 USD around the market, some systems can even be controlled through a remote control.

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There are countless applications for a motion sensor camera. To capture images o burglar, to monitor your maid or your house-mates, to capture the scenery outside your house, etc.