New Builds Using Split Face Concrete Blocks

Split Face Concrete Block

There are many different applications for split face concrete blocks.  But before we tell you what they are used for, lets tell you how they are made.  The split blocks are made by making two blocks together, once this block is dried they are split apart by a machine that basically cuts them down the center.

This leaves two blocks that have a rough finish, a lot like rough stone.  There are many different applications for these types of blocks, the most popular use is commercial buildings, they are used in place of cinder blocks because they look a lot better then just normal blocks, and don’t cost that much more.  They are also used in residential homes, and in retaining walls.

Split Face Styles

There are many different styles of these split face blocks, there are veneers that are thin pieces of concrete made the same was as the blocks, these are put onto homes and business’s like bricks.

They give the look of split face block but are just 1/3 the size and even smaller.  There are also the standard sizes of concrete blocks, the 8 inch wide versions, but there are some that are 4 inches high, 6 inches high, and 8 inches high.  There is really no difference between them besides the finish that will be left on the house once they are put up.  There are even companies that sell these blocks between 10 inches, and 16 inches as well but they are special order blocks.

Split Face Colors

There are over a dozen different colors that you can choose from when it comes to split face concrete block.  Even though some of them are special order and not in stock in the home improvement stores it can be at your home within a couple days after ordering it.

These color options are making the split face block more popular with home owners, before the popularity increase normally the only colors you would come across would be gray or tan, but now you can get colors like red, Nathan’s brown, buff orange, chocolate, dusty rose, dash board green, and many other colors.

Another reason they are becoming more popular with home owners is because they are becoming cheaper as well.  The price of split face block is getting cheaper, and more competitively priced with regular concrete block.

In today’s market the cost of split face block is right around $1 more per square foot then regular block, and that is not that much of a difference if you compare it to having to put something over the concrete block (siding, paneling, etc.).  Once you do that the price for concrete block will be more then the split face.  This is why the popularity of split face is growing.